God … Is GOD!

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This is the personal blog for Jim Gersetich. Those who know me know … I like to talk. They also know that that sentence is a gross understatement.

But, I also like to write. I like to write about pretty much anything, but my passions are:

So, I thought I would start collecting thoughts in one place. At my age, I could go see Jesus at any time, and then HE will be the one doing the talking. 🙂 So, I have to get it out of my system now, before that half hour of silence in Revelation 8:1.

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  1. This is pretty loosely defined. Any subject or question that could be primarily taken from Scripture is included.
  2. I’m just getting started on this project. There isn’t even an opening page yet.
  3. Primarily about raided beds and how to build them.
  4. This is no longer being updated. I’ve decided there are too many books on dieting for me to try to break into that field. Perhaps if people comment and ask questions on my pages, I’ll change my mind, but for now ….