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This is the personal blog for Jim Gersetich. Those who know me know … I like to talk. They also know that that sentence is a gross understatement.

But, I also like to write. I like to write about pretty much anything, but my passions are:

So, I thought I would start collecting thoughts in one place. At my age, I could go see Jesus at any time, and then HE will be the one doing the talking. 🙂 So, I have to get it out of my system now, before that half hour of silence in Revelation 8:1.

Shameless self-promotion:

I’ve written a read-along book. The book is intended to be read alongside the biblical book of Job. Job is a book that many believers don’t read, or they only skim. This is, I think, because the middle part can seem repetitive. Oh, why mince words: there are twenty-nine chapters of boring!

But, I’ve found that if one reads it twice (especially back-to-back), one gets a far deeper understanding of the book. This is because we are (sort of) told, at the end, who won the debate: Job. His three friends, who spent almost a quarter of the book blasting Job for not confessing his sin, get blasted by God Himself. To them, it was obviously that Job was being punished, and he just needed to confess his heinous sin to get healed, and God forcefully declares that they were wrong. And He compares their false statements against Job’s statements, saying that Job “spoke of me what is right”.

This judgment from God completely changes the focus of the book. And, the fact that the first two chapters even exist is testimony that the book’s message is far far deeper than a casual reading might suggest.

Reading it again, we discover much more. The speeches aren’t just speeches. They’re a debate. While we don’t know if it was a formal debate, we do know that the debate stretched over weeks. Further, we know that the sense of what Job had to say was “right”, according to God, and the friends statements were false, again according to God.

My book is what I’m calling a “read-along”. It’s intended to help understand Job by asking and answering questions about the text. There’s more about my book in the Job category (see the menu at the top of the page).