You may have noticed that I mentioned exercise, but never really dealt with it. Let’s review:

The best way to lose weight, we’ve discovered, is to eat less and exercise more. Every medical person I’ve talked to and every nutritionist as well, has said that that’s the key: eat less and exercise more. We’re using a gimmick to control the eating: tokens.

For exercise, all we have to do is give ourselves some tokens when we exercise.

One minute of exercise is about seven calories. So, four minutes would be a token. When I exercise for four minutes, I put a token into the bucket.

However it has to be exercise that’s not part of your norm. Remember that the original number of tokens we allowed ourselves was based on an average day’s food intake. But, if I was already exercising say, twenty minutes a day, then that was already built into the token count. I can only count exercise if it’s above that twenty minutes.

For me, it was easy, because I never exercised much. So, when I add 4 minutes, I get a token. For the example in the previous paragraph, that person would add one token when s/he hit twenty-four minutes.

Simple, right?

Yes, but there’s one huge issue: always consult with your doctor before adding an exercise plan to your activities list. Your doctor is the only one who can tell if you have any special restrictions. You might have an undiagnosed heart condition or something. Losing weight because you’re in a coffin is not what we’re looking for. OK? See the doctor, and follow his/her advice.