Volunteers for Bed-Building

I’m taking a limited number of volunteers to build raised beds this summer (2020). I’ll build the beds (with your help and materials), but I won’t be charging for my labor. This is because I’ll be taking pictures for a possible book. Your “payment” will be my labor, in exchange for my right to use the pictures in the future.

I’ll be having you buy the materials, but using my instructions and with my help. That way, I can correct the likely errors in my instructions before you spend any money. I would hate to have people buy three of the long planks per bed because my finger didn’t type the correct digit!

I also plan on taking pictures (or having a helper take pictures. These will be potentially used in my book (if I ever publish it), so you’ll be giving me permission to use them in the future. I may also give you a copy of the book, but that decision hasn’t been made yet (and won’t be until I decide to actually publish it.)

At this time, I’m limiting it to three people or families, at one bed free each. The first three to sign up below will be put on my list.


I have to limit this, so I’m putting restrictions on who can apply. Applicants:

  • Must live in the northwest quadrant of the Twin Cities metro area.
    (Roughly) north of I-394 and west of the Mississippi, and
    No more than ten miles as the crow flies from my house on the north end of Brooklyn Center (55429).
  • One (free) per family/household/yard. (Not sure if I’ll have time for others beyond three.)
  • Must buy materials in advance.
    This also means figuring out what to buy, but we’ll do this together so I can correct any deficiencies in my instructions.
  • Must register on this, my blog site. See Registration for details.
  • Will have to sign a waiver allowing me to take pictures and use them if I publish this in a book someday. (Hey, gotta get something for my labor SOMEHOW, don’t I?)
  • The household can’t have anybody who tested positive for communicable diseases (like COVID-19) within the previous month. But you can still sign up; it will probably take me until mid-summer to get going on this project.
  • Terms subject to change without notice.


If you’re interested, make a comment below. I’ll contact you buy email to get your phone number, and then we’ll set things up.