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Today I noticed a problem which requires an adjustment. I don’t seem to be losing weight at the number of pennies I’ve allotted myself. This is a plateau; change must occur to continue losing weight.

Now, this could be caused by any of four things:

  • I’m forgetting to include some things I ate, and/or
  • Daily allotment is too high, and/or
  • One or more items in my list of foods is too low, and/or
  • Exercise is counting for too much.

There’s not much I can do about forgetting to take out pennies when I eat something. So, I’m asking my wife to help me remember. She’s safe, because I can’t call it nagging if I asked for it. 🙂

To correct for a daily allotment that’s too high, I can simply reduce the number from its current value: $2.11. So, I’m reducing this by a penny. (Not so much for the math; I’m mostly doing this so I don’t have to find a penny in the container each morning.)

To correct for a food item (or several) being too low, I have to figure out which ones have an issue. I’ve been allowing myself $0.90 for supper, representing 900 calories. This is my big meal of the day, so it seems like a good target to look at first.

I did some math gymnastics, and I think that number is a little low. So, I’m going to start counting it as $1, which is one thousand calories.

Additionally, I do what I call half-chinups1. These are pulling myself up with my arms only. I was counting twenty of those as three minutes, giving me $0.02. However, after noticing that I needed to adjust, I actually timed myself. I found that it takes less time than my estimate. Thirty turns out to be about a minute and a half, which burns ten calories, so now I make myself do a set of thirty before I give myself two cents back.

Bottom line:

  • I’m reducing daily count by one.
  • I’m raising my estimate for supper by ten.
  • I’m raising the number of half-chin-ups I do to thirty per two cents.

Time will tell how well my new estimates are working. I should start dropping out of my plateau within a week or so.

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  1. I’m doing these to build back my strength in my arms for archery season. I hurt my shoulder a year or so ago, and I couldn’t draw my bowstring any more. I also can’t do full chin-ups, for the same reason. So, I lay on my back and reach up for a pipe I have sitting on two tables, above my arms. Then, using my arms only, I pull my upper body up to almost sitting. I do thirty of these, three times a day.

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