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When I first envisioned and started using the Change Diet, I used 25 calories per penny (earlier still, I used tokens) for each calorie.

After some thought and usage, I realized that 10 calories per penny would have a couple of benefits. First, It’s easier to calculate the number of pennies: just chop off the last digit. A 12 oz can of Mountain Dew has around 170 calories. That counts as 17 cents for the diet’s purposes.

More importantly, though, it provides a great starting point for one’s foray into dieting with this plan: use your weight. I weigh 214 pounds, so I count out $2.14 as my allotment at the start of the plan.

This works because an average human body takes about 10 calories per pound of weight to maintain that weight1.

So, since I weigh 214 pounds, I need 2140 calories to maintain that weight. But, using ten calories per pound, I chop off the zero at the end, and woila!, I’m back to 214 pennies.

Note that to lose weight, I have to eat fewer calories (or exercise more). But, as a starting point, this is so simple and elegant, I couldn’t resist2I actually have one of my two degrees in Mathematics, so elegant has a special attraction to me. Mathematicians just love calling proofs elegant. A better word might be simple, but I just can’t resist the more elegant word. 🙂3.

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  1. This figure comes from an unknown scientist or researcher. I’ve only seen the name of this person once, and I can’t remember where I found it. I would really like to credit this person, so if anybody knows an original source for it, please note it in the comments below. For now, I’ll say my source is dozens of probably reliable internet dieting sources.

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