I chose the name Change Diet because the word “change” has four applications in the Change Diet plan.

Application One:

The first application is that we have to make changes in order for this to work. The diet itself is merely a set of structures to help readers do the most basic kind of dieting there is: eat less and exercise more. The person reading it will need to make changes. If I’m unwilling to make changes to my eating habits, I might as well stop here. Because it won’t work without changes.

I have to eat less. I have to exercise more. And, I have to see a doctor first.

Application Two:

Wait, … what?

Yes, I highly recommend seeing a doctor before implementing any kind of diet change or exercise plan. I may have some undiagnosed issue that puts restrictions on any dietary change or exercise plan. In many cases, only a doctor can diagnose these.

I don’t want to lose weight because I’m living in a bungalow six feet underground for the rest of time. That wouldn’t be ideal. It would kind of defeat the purpose.

Seeing a doctor is the second change (for people who haven’t seen one lately and discussed overall health.)

Application Three:

OK, so after seeing a doctor and getting an OK, I want to eat less. How? By reducing calories.

It’s just that simple. Any other rule is simply a tip, trick, gimmick, or other construct to get me to eat fewer calories. Other diets use things like low-carbohydrate foods, low-fat foods, low-calorie foods, or any of a million other things. My diet also uses a gimmick, but I hope it’s one that helps lower the burden of calorie counting:

The third reason for the word “change” is because I use small change (pennies, nickels, dimes, etc.) to track calories. Each penny stands for 10 calories. It’s just that simple. (Although, figuring out how many pennies are in a chocolate malt isn’t always so easy. Hint: way too many!)

Application Four:

No rules!

This diet has no artificial rules to limit or eliminate any particular foods. None. Nada.

In fact, I want readers to eat whatever their body wants. This is because God created our bodies, and built into them lots of triggers to tell us what to eat or avoid. We should listen to our bodies.

BUT, we should eat less of those foods. My body (or my corrupted brain) may want me to eat ice cream every night. But, if I eat a couple quarts every night, that’s too much. I have to limit things.

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