My diet uses coins to track calories. It’s a gimmick, just like “eat only low-fat food” is a gimmick. However, eating only low-fat food will eventually backfire for most people, because humans like fat. (Mmmmmm, butter!)

Anyhow, I keep two pill bottles with coins in them. They’re labeled Available and Consumed. At the beginning of the day, I move all the coins to the Available bottle. As I eat stuff during the day, I move coins from Available to Consumed.

Each penny counts as 10 calories. This makes the coins easy to calculate. If I ate something with 250 calories in it, I move a quarter to the Consumed bottle.

I start each day with a number of coins equal to my weight minus some coins that will help me lose weight. Right now I weigh 208 pounds. So, if I were starting my diet today, I would count out $2.08.

This works because, for most people, it takes around 10 calories per pound to maintain one’s weight. 10 calories per pound, and 10 calories per penny. It makes calorie counting less cumbersome.

The Change Diet uses just this one gimmick. But, it’s critical to also understand [plateaus] and [restrictions]. <– Those are going to be web links when I get them written.

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