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Yesterday, I wrote about bloggers and the spam our sites receive.

But, I learned about changes to spam while cleaning up my posts on dieting and my weight loss. So, I looked more deeply, and it also has presented a special problem: dieting advertisements are crawling out of the woodwork.

It’s a popular topic, I guess. I suppose the advertising companies figure if I’m talking about losing weight, I must be interested in dieting plans, and especially those of their advertisers. They’re apparently just looking at keywords like diet, weight, pounds, etc. And, I certainly don’t want to speak against advertising; I earn my living through ads.

I imagine the computers don’t really have the time or knowledge to actually understand what I’ve been saying. For, if the algorithms understood what I’m saying, they would realize it’s not at all about dieting, despite the name Change Diet.

My diet is not a traditional diet, where certain foods are acceptable and other foods are denied. It is far more simple. The basic principle is almost trivial: eat less and exercise more.

But, the number of ads and spam I’ve received have reminded me of one critical truth:

Always check with your doctor before embarking on any form of diet or exercise changes.

Your doctor will know if a particular diet is a problem, or if your body requires only certain kinds of exercise, and others to avoid.

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