Empty Calories?

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We learn from many sources that we should avoid empty calories.

What are empty calories? Simply put, foods that have mostly sugar and fat. Different sources have different definitions. Effectively, foods that don’t provide much in the way of nutrition.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say … HOGWASH!


Calories are essential for living. If we don’t consume them, we eventually will waste away to nothing. It’s the way we’re put together by God.

But, they do have something of a point: we need more than sugars and fat. We also need protein, vitamins, and minerals. Protein is a source of calories (same amount per unit weight as carbohydrates like sugar). Vitamins and minerals, however, do not include calories in and of themselves. So, we do have a need for more than sugars and fat.

But, what more?

I believe firmly that God designed us in such a way that our bodies will tell us what we need to eat. However, the human race has been breaking down since the Fall (see Genesis 3), so our internal food governors might be broken. Worse, it seems that overeating over time lessens or destroys these governors’ ability to tell us what we really need.

So, we might have to retrain ourselves as to what and how to eat. I know that from about halfway to my peak weight, I stopped being able to tell when I was full. So, I ate what was “normal” for me, which was already too much. And, your body tends to allow overeating for a time, but if we do it too much, it has to stretch1.

So, due to sin (in two ways), we have problems. In that respect, we should listen to the nutritionists. Otherwise we could be missing out on vital elements of our diet.

But, DON’T listen to anything about empty calories. Instead of avoiding them, eat less of them, like you do everything when following this diet.

And, above all, talk to your doctor before any changes. This is another great example of how any dieting plan or book simply can’t do us well, without consulting with our doctor first. We could be diabetic (to choose one example) without knowing it. Eating sugar cubes is a really bad idea for diabetics.

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  1. I don’t mean enlarging us, although that happens, too. What I mean is it pushes our formerly good limits to push out into the terriritoy of extreme.

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