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Tokens vs. Spare Change

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Estimating is simply guessing. We estimate a lot in this diet, so we should discuss a few pointers.

First, we want the estimate to be simple. That’s the whole point. I don’t care that last night’s supper was 857 calories and tonight’s will be 943. All I care about is that the number is close to nine hundred. If it’s off, the diet will eventually correct for the problem.

So, for myself, I did some rough estimating of calories for a few average supper meals, and came up with numbers in the general vicinity of 900 calories. That’s 901 cents.

Now, we all know that every supper isn’t the same number of calories. Averaging like this works, but only if we don’t make a pig of ourselves (or eat lightly, but that’s not typically a problem.) So, I’ll use 800 ($0.80) if I ate lightly, and 1000 (an even buck) if I gorged myself.

So, now I know that for supper, I should use one of $0.80, $0.90, or $1.

More on estimating coming….

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  1. If the number of calories is an even multiple of 100, it’s very easy to calculate the number of coins. Just drop off the two zeros at the end, and then multiply by 4. In this case, 900 becomes 9. 9 times 4 is 36.

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