Focus On the Food?

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As I implied earlier, putting our focus on the food makes us think about it, and eventually, that makes us hungry.

But, it’s deeper than that. God gave us appetites for a reason. We need food. It provides fuel for everything else we do.

Furthermore, God gave us specific tastes for specific foods, and those tastes vary.

Years ago, there was a grapefruit diet. All you ate was grapefruit, and you lost weight. It seemed to work somewhat, but what was the inevitable conclusion? People would give up the diet. We can’t live on just grapefruit. Our bodies will rebel against eating any one food indefinitely. And, that’s very good!

We need to reject a grapefruit diet because it’s not well-rounded or balanced. We might lose weight, but it’s because our bodies have to drain stored resources in order to survive. If we adopt such a diet, it is guaranteed to fail eventually.

That was an example, but the principle applies to all food: focus on one food or one specific kind of food, and eventually the diet will fail. Putting the focus on low-fat, or low-carbohydrates, or any other trick, is simply a gimmick. Eventually, our bodies will rebel, and we’ll give up that diet.

But, gimmicks aren’t necessarily bad. It’s when we try to focus on them that they become a problem.

Folks, we need fat in our diet. We need carbohydrates and protein, too. How do I know this? Mainly because of science. But, also because if we lean too heavily towards one food type, our tastes will eventually come to despise that food type. If you’ve tried one of those diets, you know what I mean already.

But, they work, at least for a while. Otherwise they wouldn’t be popular. Why is that?

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