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Focus On the Food

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So, if we shouldn’t focus on the food, how are we supposed to eat less? We can’t eat less by not thinking about eating less, can we?

Well, we probably could, but it would be prone to failure. So, I’ll add one of those gimmicks I marginalized earlier: count calories.

But, you might say, counting calories is one of the worst parts of dieting. I hate it. Hate, hate, hate! I hate it with an utter burning passion. And, you would be just like me in that regard.

So, let’s only do it a few times, and then forget it. Figure out what some of your common meals add up to. Then, pick the number in the middle. That’s your calorie intake, on average.

Then, the gimmick: use pennies as counters, rather than calories. Have each penny be worth ten calories. To divide by ten, just drop off the rightmost digit. If that digit was five or higher, add one. So, if you found supper to be around a thousand calories, that’s one hundred pennies. (1000 divided by 10 equals 100; just drop the last zero.)

For this initial set of measurements, don’t cheat, at least not by much. It will make the dieting process take longer. But, here’s an important principle of my diet: it’s OK to cheat. Not by a lot, but a little bit is OK. The diet will correct for all cheating we do, but the more cheating that happens, the longer it will take to lose weight.

OK to cheat??? Trust me, it’s OK. The diet will make up for it. But, it will take longer, so don’t cheat much.

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