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God designed our bodies perfectly, but things started to break down after the Fall. One thing related to dieting is that humans have a signal telling us when we’re full of food. We’ve eaten enough.

The problem with some overweight people is that they’ve been overeating for so long, they’ve damaged the “I’m full” signal their body tries to give them. I know for myself, I could never tell when I was full except by pain. Of course, pain is a signal that something is really wrong, so it’s not a good indicator of how much to eat.

So, when we’re overweight, and have been that way for a long time, it’s likely we cant’ tell when we’re full.

That’s why this diet exists: we need some other mechanism to tell us how much to eat, because we’ve damaged or destroyed our body’s natural mechanism for that.

For some people, this damage may be permanent. They may never know fullness again. For those people, having an outside mechanism in place to regulate food intake is essential. Other diets have used carbohydrate counting, calorie counting, fat elimination, or a host of other methods.

This diet is using the calorie counting method, but it attempts to make it simpler by dividing by ten and using coins to keep track of them.

Whatever system we use, if our destruction of this “I’m full” indicator, if permanent, will require staying on the diet for the rest of our lives. Most diabetic patients are in this condition.

Fortunately, God also designed our bodies to be resilient. We abused that resiliency by over-eating for years. But, if we drop back to a manageable number of calories, there’s a good chance that the “I’m full” indicator will be fixed.

That’s what plateaus are for: to help our bodies get used to eating less. I’ve found that there’s a small amount of my “I’m full” trigger that’s working again. It seems to be getting better. So, I suspect (and hope) that when I reach my ideal weight, I’ll be able to abandon this diet. But, I don’t know for sure.

And that’s food for thought. 🙂

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