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My diet plan is called the Change Diet for two reasons. The first I’ve said before: we use small change to track eating and exercise.

The second reason is because some of the changes we’ll make are lifestyle issues. We’re not making a bunch of changes at once that we can abandon when we’re finished with the diet plan. No, we’re altering how we eat in general, and how we exercise in general.

For example, at my peak, I drank about three cans of Mountain Dew a day. Now, I’m down to between six and eight ounces a day. I don’t plan to ever increase that by more than a token amount.

We’re also making day-to-day changes as well. We might order one cheeseburger instead of a double cheeseburger one time, but generally keep buying doubles for the long haul. (Recall that we can eat whatever we want, just less of it.) Personally, I’ve dropped to one single cheeseburger permanently1. I’ve gotten used to it when we eat from Culver’s.

At the end of the last plateau, if we’re below our target weight, we may add one or two lifestyle changes back. But, we shouldn’t count on that. Think of them as permanent.

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  1. Actually, I buy one cheeseburger, but I cut it in half. I discard the top half of the bun, and then combine what’s left into a half-double cheeseburger. What can I say? I like the taste of two layers of meat and cheese!

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