Losing Weight Too Quickly

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It may seem odd, but losing weight too quickly is a problem. There are at least two reasons for this.

First, if we lose more than about two to three pounds in a week, we’re not eating enough. Our bodies will eventually rebel at the food intake change, and we’re more likely to get frustrated and quit.

Second, a large weight loss indicates a problem in the number of pennies we’re allowed to eat. This diet works best if the number of pennies is only slightly less than what it takes to maintain our weight. Lose too much, and we don’t plateau for a long time, again possibly frustrating us (at the lack of food).

The best weight loss is around one to four pounds, followed by a plateau. (And, your doctor may have different ideas. Follow his/her advice, not mine.) The amount of time it takes to lose that one to four pounds doesn’t matter. What matters is losing the weight, and then keeping it off.

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