Nickels and Dimes

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Another reason I like the name of this Change Diet is because we’re killing our bad habits by nickel and diming them to death.

Whenever we have a poor eating habit, we basically have two choices: stop eating whatever food is a problem, or cut back on the portions. Cutting back can mean having smaller amounts each time I eat something, or reducing the number of times I eat that food.

As we’ve discussed before, stopping eating a food entirely isn’t going to work all the time. If we really like that food, we may fall off our diet plan and go back to our old habits. But, reducing portions isn’t always the best choice, either.

For example, when I eat ice cream, I don’t limit myself to one scoop, or two scoops. I have four or five scoops. And, they’re not the little ones the size of a half dollar, either. They’re as much as I can fit in the bowl. It’s not a little bowl of a half cup of ice cream. It’s closer to two or two-and-a-half cups. We’re talking 600 plus calories.

Now, that kind of dump-truck load of calories can’t be good for my diet. So, I have to either cut back, or eliminate it entirely.

I first chose to reduce the portion. But, old habits die hard, and this was no exception. I just couldn’t eat less.

So, then I tried giving ice cream up completely. That didn’t work, either. I would eventually get to the point of craving it that I was mentally-prepared to fall off the diet over a bowl.

My solution is to try the best of both worlds: eat it less often, and put less in the bowl. I knew I couldn’t trust myself with a bowl that fit four scoops, so I eat it now in a smaller bowl. Hard to overfill the bowl too much when the bowl is two-thirds the size.

I won’t choose to reduce it again until I’ve conditioned my body to only expect it occasionally and in smaller bowls.

And, I’m doing one more adjustment ….

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