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Previously, I mentioned that 1-4 pounds was a good amount of weight to lose before holding at another plateau.

I’m thinking now that that wasn’t enough. That’s what worked for me for a while, but I think now that 5-10 pounds is a better short-term goal than 1-4 pounds.

My reasoning was based upon my own experience at how often plateaus occur, and the amount of weight lost before the next plateau started.

However, people are different. And, we’re not just a little different. We’re radically different from each other. To one person (me), 1-4 pounds might be the right one.

But, to other people, a different amount of weight loss could occur before plateauing again.

So, I’m changing the goal to a very loosely connected 5-10 pounds. In other words, figure out for yourself when your plateau starts. If you’re chopping 20 pennies off your daily allotment after a plateau, you might even shoot for a higher amount of loss.

The key is to hold after a while of consistency. You have to figure out at what weight you should plateau. And, you also have to figure out how long you should hold at that weight. My guess is that the amount one should lose is approximately equal to the number of pennies fewer are in the new daily allocation. And the time is about double that number, but measured in days instead of pennies.

Please comment if you have something to add. This is, as you can tell, a diet that’s still learning it’s own ropes.

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