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All diet changes eventually lead to one’s weight hitting a number range, and then plateauing. A plateau is when one’s weight fluctuates entirely within a small range of pounds. So, using my own weight as an example, I was recently down from 256 pounds to a little less than 230. My weight fluctuated from 226 – 229 for several months. It didn’t go higher, but it also didn’t go lower.

From what I’ve seen, all diet plans hit plateaus like this. We get stuck.

Unfortunately, when that happens, it seems discouraging. All that work, and now my diet stopped working?

And then what? For some, we quit the diet, and balloon back up. Frequently, we go higher than our original weight. Failure. The diet failed. Or, I did. It doesn’t really matter.

But, when I hit the plateau between 226 and 229 pounds, I noticed that this had happened before. I wasn’t tracking, but I remembered being stuck at other weights. I distinctly remembered hitting 229 and being so proud of myself because I broke 230. But, then I was stuck.

For a little while, it was discouraging. But, then I realized it: this always happens. Over and over again, I would plateau. And, in the past, I would give up the diet and my weight would jump.

So, I decided that this was normal, and if I were to continue losing weight, I would have to make it past this range. I would have to either reduce my calorie intake, exercise more, or both. This was a eureka moment: I realized that this was from God.

Why? Because our body is built to stay at whatever weight we are currently at. In order to get past that, we can either bull our way through, or we can settle in, or we can give up. And, this became the heart and soul of my diet plan: plateaus are good.

More on this later.

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