The Heart of the Change Diet

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Previously, I said that plateaus were the heart and soul of my Change Diet plan. Today, I’ll explain that.

Once we understand that plateaus are natural, we have to choose what to do. I said yesterday that we can quit, make our way through it with determination, or hold. This diet says hold is the right action.

Well, hold for a time. We want to hold the weight range for a period of time. For each person, the time span will be different, but for me, about one to two months was a good time to hold.

Then, as our bodies have adjusted to the new weight range, we reduce the number of pennies we’re allowed. Not by much, but some.

So, we’ll be in a cycle:

  • Pick a number of pennies, and eat an amount of food that matches.
  • Stick to that number until we hit a plateau.
  • Hold at that weight for some period of time. I recommend a month until you figure out the best time for yourself.
  • Reduce the number of pennies I’m allowed to eat in a day. This is essentially putting me back at the first bullet point above.

Now, the plateau isn’t a magic secret any more than pennies vs. calories are. The plateau principle is simply giving your body time to adjust to the new weight and calorie intake. It’s a gimmick, just like the pennies are.

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