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OK, it’s review time.

Before starting, pick a target weight, and write down your weight. If you’re self-conscious, don’t tell anybody. Use a percentage of the difference instead of telling about exact pounds. Then, the plan:

  1. Pick a target number of pennies (i.e. calories, ten per penny). Eat only to that level of pennies. When you use the last penny in a day, that’s it for the day; no more food.
  2. If weight goes up more than four pounds (in any amount of time), reduce the number of pennies allowed and return to step 1.
  3. If weight goes down more than two pounds in a week, increase the number of pennies.
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 until you reach a plateau (a weight range fluctuating within 3-4 pounds.)
  5. Stay at that plateau for a week or a month or more. The plateau helps your body get used to the amount of food you’re eating.
  6. After plateauing at a weight range spanning two to four pounds, reduce the number of pennies, and return to step 1.

The first time we do step 1, it’s a bit more complicated. Take an educated guess as to the average intake of pennies each day. If you have no idea, guess your current weight. The plan will make up for missing penny, eventually.

For any exercise you do, give yourself two cents for every three minutes of moderate exercise. At thirty minutes, give yourself an extra penny (to cover for the rounding error).

When you reach your target weight, keep eating that number of pennies worth of food each day. Once you’ve been at your target range for a couple of months, put the diet on the back burner; no more need for counting pennies. UNLESS, of course, you start gaining weight again. (Gaining weight here means rising more than four pounds.) If that happens, return to counting pennies until the weight is back to the target.

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