Tokens vs. Spare Change

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This diet used to be called the Token Diet. I changed the name because I realized that spare change would be easier to work with. Counting out 2161 tokens (or, 216 anything), is just too much work.

But, making change out of other coins is something we all do all the time. Instead of 216 tokens, I count out eight quarters, one dime, one nickel, and one penny.

I put these coins into an old pill bottle marked AVAILABLE2. I keep some other coins3 in another bottle called CONSUMED.

You can use any kind of small container you wish, like margarine containers or small boxes. Just make sure you know which one is for stuff you can still eat today and the other for food you’ve already eaten.

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  1. 216 is the number of tokens I get to eat each day, at the time I’m writing this post.
  2. I write this on the bottle in all capital letters because that’s the way I write.
  3. There are enough coins so that I can always make change. For me, I keep an extra dime, nickel, and four cents

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