Tricking Ourselves?

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This whole diet scheme I’m crafting does most of its magic two ways: ignoring nutrition “rules” and tricking us into think about our consumption and use of calories more.

The rules my diet has are simple:

  • Track intake and outflow of calories.
  • Make us think about our food choices.
  • Make us conscious of overeating, hopefully preventing it.

I’ve noticed that since I changed the diet from 25 calories per penny to 10 calories per penny, I’ve been more careful about what I eat. Why? I’m not really sure, actually. I think it’s subconscious. Having to use up more coins for the same food has made me stop eating some things.

It shouldn’t, I know. The food has exactly the same number of calories as before. So, go figure.

Still, I’m glad. I was at a plateau for months; I couldn’t seem to break through 215. But, since I changed to ten calories per penny, I’ve cut several pounds off that. I’m down 58% now!

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Nickels and Dimes

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