Christian Living

This collection is a bunch of posts about things relating to how Christians live. A lot of it is collected wisdom from my 40+ years of trying to live for Christ, including many lessons learned from mistakes made.

My testimony starts here, as well as random factoids about my life.


I’m creating a new and (hopefully) better organized version of my dieting musings. This may become a book some day. For now, it’s just an outline. See it here: Change Diet Shell.

Most of the posts about the Change Diet are just random thoughts. I intend to organize them later, but for now they’re just all mixed up.

After way too many years of eating way too many … well, everything, I looked like a short blimp with legs. I had a friend in college who we sometimes referred to as light bulb, because he wore a blaze orange coat in winter. He wasn’t shaped like a light bulb, but I sure was. It wasn’t good.

About five years ago, I started losing weight by simply eating less and exercising more. In that five years, I’ve lost 53% of my goal. How did I do it? I’m collecting my thoughts in a series I call the Change Diet. It’s horribly complicated (NOT!): eat less and exercise more. Avoid all artificial rules about what to eat; just eat less and exercise more.

I would be tickled pink to hear your thoughts on my musings on diet.

Posts About Living With and for Christ

Some thoughts on Easter.

Getting closer to God reveals how much wider the gap is between God and me.

Christian Book Thoughts and Reviews


My wife is an avid gardener, and I helped a bit by building her eight raised bed gardens she could use. Since then, some folks have asked how to build them. I created Raised Beds Jim’s Way to explain how. There’s no pictures yet, so take it with a grain of salt for now.