Review: Josiah’s Fire

As some of you know, I have a grandson with autism. So, I naturally gravitated to this book rather quickly when I saw it.

And then I read it. Folks, this is an amazing lad, and an amazing story, and an even more amazing pair of authors! Josiah was around two years old when suddenly he started not knowing his words. After much searching, doctors finally gave the verdict: he has autism. He may never speak again.

Well, they were right: he hasn’t. But, at around seven years old, Josiah got hold of an iPad, and quickly typed his first complete sentence! He found a way to communicate.

But, it’s WHAT he communicates that is the most amazing: he has been in contact with Jesus in heaven, and with other people. People who told him things he could not possibly know about.

And, his glimpses of heaven go way beyond that, but you’ll have to read the book. I don’t want to spoil the authors’ thunder too much.

HIGHLY recommended!

I also recommend another book by the same co-author, Cheryl Ricker: Rush of Heaven.

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