Sacred Pathways: It Gets Better!

As some of you know, I’m hot on Gary Thomas’s book Sacred Pathways. It reveals truths to the Church that should help us get along better. Much better.

It gets better:

Recently, a friend of mine visited from out of state. He has a counseling ministry at a parachurch organization. He helps people cope with ministry, and among the issues he targets is getting along with each other.

Then, I found out he uses Sacred Pathways to help people work together better.

I knew that the ideas in the book have the potential to help believers get along better. I didn’t know that it is a ministry tool as well.

Folks, this book can really help Christians work together better. It shows principles that show us that people are different in how we approach God.

Yes, people meet with their Lord in different ways. There is no set formula (on this planet) that will work for all believers to worship. We all know Him differently. We reach out to Him differently.

Enthusiasts energetically worship. Contemplatives contemplate. And, that’s not wrong. Naturalists (like me) meet with Him best in nature. Sensates love Him with their five senses. And, the list goes on.

Folks, read this book. It can help change our relationships with other believers. It really can.

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