Sacred Pathways

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I’ve come across a book which I’m becoming more and more convinced is a must-read for believers: Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas.

The book is a take on doing worship/devotional life more than one way. Way more than one way. Nine ways, in fact1:

  • Naturalists (Loving God Outdoors)
  • Sensates (Loving God with the Senses)
  • Traditionalists (Loving God through Ritual and Symbol)
  • Ascetics (Loving God in Solitude and Simplicity)
  • Activists (Loving God through Confrontation)
  • Caregivers (Loving God by Loving Others)
  • Enthusiasts (Loving God with Mystery and Celebration)
  • Contemplatives (Loving God through Adoration)
  • Intellectuals (Loving God with the Mind)

Folks, in the forty-three years I’ve been a believer, I can’t recall a single believer for whom this book wouldn’t have something valuable to say. In fact, I think it likely that every believer on the planet can learn things that Gary Thomas has to say in this book, unless they’ve already read it. It’s that valuable.

So, without reservation, I give my hearty endorsement to Sacred Pathways:

  1. This list is taken directly from the table of contents of Mr. Thomas’s book, but I changed his italicized text to text in parentheses.

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