Creation Conundrums

This page is for the Living Waters Sunday school class members to as questions about Genesis 1-11. This is in anticipation of the class that will be starting in the fall.

I’m very interested in crafting material that will be of interest to those in the class. Naturally, I will be teaching from a young-earth creationist perspective, but I do welcome questions from any position.

Your name should be a “handle” or nickname, because everybody will be able to see it. However, your email address must be a real address. Nobody else will see your email address. Because I get so much spam, I have to filter all comments. So, I send an email to the address you give. If I don’t receive a reply within 10 days, or if the letter is rejected by the server, I delete the comment.

I recommend subscribing to the site if you have or anticipate having more than one question, because comments by subscribers get approved faster. You can subscribe from the bottom of any page.

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  1. The tradition abbreviations for years is BC and AD. BC stands for Before Christ, the years before Jesus was born, and AD stands for a Latin phrase Anno Domini, the year of our Lord.
    Why is AD Latin and BC English?

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