Cain’s Excuses

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Then God shows up. Now, God knows everything, so He didn’t really need to ask. But, he asks Cain anyhow: “Where is Abel your brother?”

And Cain responded with the lamest excuse imaginable, paraphrased: “How am I supposed to know. I’m not his keeper, am I?”

Sometimes you have to wonder what God thinks of us. Here’s a cold-blooded murderer spouting platitudes about his dead brother, the one he himself murdered.

But, He still shows impressive patience, asking Cain, “What have you done?” He knew full well what Cain had done, and He even says so: “The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to Me from the ground.”

Now, if you weren’t catching on to how important blood is after my previous post, here He says it plainly. Abel’s blood cried out to God from the dirt. Sacrifices for sin have to be blood sacrifices, and blood cries out from the ground where it was spilt. Yeah: blood is pretty important to God.

Anyhow, God then curses Cain. He was a tiller of the soil (crop-farmer), but now the ground won’t produce as well for him. As a result, Cain will become a wanderer or nomad.

Then, another crybaby line: “My punishment is too great to bear!” Come on, Cain: you murdered your brother? If anything is true, it would be that the punishment is very lenient. After the Flood comes, God will specify the death penalty for murderers. And, whining won’t help.

Yet, Cain whines on that he’s driven out from God and his work will be harder and he’ll be a nomad and whoever finds me will kill me.

But, not this time: God shows mercy yet again. He states that He will take vengeance if anybody kills Cain. He put some kind of mark on him, so people would know he is protected by the Lord.

Sometimes I wonder if Eve didn’t coddle Cain in his early years. It’s not too far-fetched, since we already know that she thought Cain was the promised Messiah. But, however he was raised, he turns into a serious whiner as he leaves the area.

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