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The Fall

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While Adam may have been pleased with seeing his new naked wife in chapter two, now the both of them are embarrassed by their nakedness. So, they sewed some fig leaves1 together to craft some makeshift clothes.

A bigger consequence of the sin is that when God came into the Garden, Adam and Eve hid themselves, because they were ashamed to be seen by God. This is the first big sign that they were in trouble: their relationship with God was broken. God, the eternal God of relationships, was now no longer their friend, or so they thought.

God, on His part, already knew they had sinned. But He also wanted them to know that their sin was big. Really big. So, He asks where they are. Adam responds that he was fearful, because he was naked.

Remembering back to the fig leaves, this statement is either a lie (to cover up the sin), or implies that the fig leave coverings weren’t very good. I lean towards the latter, because later God makes them coverings made of skin.

Then again, knowing what the answer was, God asks who told them that they were naked. And here, Adam sins again, twice. First he says the woman made him do it, and second he blames God because God is the one who gave her to him. This probably didn’t go over well with Eve, either, but that’s just another consequence of sin: broken human relationships.

I suspect that Adam was secretly hoping he could get off the hook with this blame-shifting. It doesn’t work, but first God does change his attention to Eve, and asks why SHE did it. Eve blames the serpent. Which was true, but the sin was hers alone. The devil would be punished, but so would Eve (and Adam).

God launches into a threefold Curse on all of them. In order, He curses the serpent, then Eve, and finally Adam and all Creation with him.

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The Curse

  1. A fig leaf can be from 5-10 inches wide, so they were a good choice.

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