Food and Completion: VERY Good

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God’s Crowning Achievement: People

Then, God gives humans all of the plants that have seed for food. But, He also gives the green plants (not limited to those with seed, it seems) to the land animals, birds, and sea life.

It’s a very important point: all creatures on the planet were originally vegetarian[1]. There wasn’t supposed to be any death of living creatures in the original creation. The eating of animals, birds, and (maybe) fish came about as a result of sin entering God’s perfect universe.

Man was only allowed to eat meat after Noah’s Flood. This was a concession by God, probably due to the mass extinctions that occurred during and after the Flood. But, it was not originally meant to be this way. And, God prominently declares this:

God pronounces His creation complete, and very good. 1. The word used in verse 31 means exceedingly, greatly, and a host of other adjectives. Good, used in all previous references, meant a job well done. But, this very good, it’s a whole new level of completion. It’s like when a painter signs his or her work: it signifies they are happy with their work.

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[1] There are variations in what is considered vegetarian and vegan. I’m being very generic here.

  1. It wouldn’t be very good if it included carnivory, i.e. death of living creatures.

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