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On creation’s day six, God created all of the land animals. He again specifies living creatures, which means creatures which breathe. These also live on land, but not necessarily exclusively. For example, alligators live on land, but they spend a great deal of their time in water.

Living doesn’t include insects and critters like that. But, God created them on day six as well.

Again, God uses dualism to describe his creative actions: living creatures are called beasts and cattle in verse 25.

Then God declares that His creation is good. This is the second time in creation week where God will declare a day good twice. The first time, it was because his project for Monday required a day and a half.

But, this time, it’s because the whole of creation is good. We’ll get to it in a few paragraphs, but the next time on this day that God says it is good, He uses a different phrase: very good. So, this moment marks the end of most of creation, just as the sun, moon, and stars marked the end of the creation of the universe outside of Earth.

Along with this idea of good, note that the definite article (“the” in English) is used on “the sixth day.” This says that there is something special about day six. Being declared good and it being the last creative day are excellent reasons to punctuate the sentence with the definite article.

Notice also that God give the same blessing/command that He gave vegetation: be fruitful and multiple. This will come up again shortly.

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