Only One Man Was Righteous

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In a hard-to-overstate process, God has found only Noah was righteous. Righteous carries with it the idea of lawful and just. The word seen in “for you alone I have seen to be righteous before Me in this time.” (Genesis 7:1, emphasis in original, indicating an implied word) carries with it the meaning that God has searched the earth.

Out of all the people then on the planet, Noah was the only one who was godly. Everybody else was lawless, unjust, and/ unrighteous. Every other person! So much for the humanist mantra that we’re all basically good inside.

This is an incredible judgment by God. God was searching for someone, anyone, who He could call righteous. But, only Noah was found.

Note that it doesn’t even include Noah’s family. But, God would save them anyhow, for Noah’s sake. The rest? They would be wiped out by the coming global1 flood.

The world at the time is in a very sad state. It was a very sad state indeed.

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  1. The flood had to be global. Otherwise, some people would simply have left the area when the flood arose.

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