The Door Is Closed

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Noah’s Family Enters the Ark

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At the end of Genesis 7:16 it says, “the Lord closed it behind him.” This is something of a throw-away line, until you realized that the door referred to by the word it was big enough for the largest dinosaur to fit through. Like the ark itself, this door was massive!

Certainly Noah could have built some kind of winch mechanism to do it. But, since God was going to close it for Noah, he didn’t have to build one.

The other issue would have been the pitch. If Noah had to winch the door shut, he would have had to contend with the pitch around the door frame. This would have made it much more difficult to close completely. So, it’s a good thing God closed it up for them.

The other thing to think about is that when God closes a door, that’s it. That door is closed. It will not be opened again, at least until after the flood. So, if anybody had wanted to be saved outside of Noah’s family, this was the end of their opportunity. It might seem unfair, but remember that they had 120 years to decide to join and help Noah, and nobody did.

That sad state of affairs I mentioned previously? Well, it just got more sad. To them, this was their first Judgment Day.

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