The Earth Isn’t Complete Yet

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God Separates the Waters

There’s a curious omission on day two: God doesn’t call any part of day two’s creative effort good. On every other day in this week, God calls at least one part of what He had made good , but not this day. Why?

I think it’s because His creative effort isn’t quite done. Somebody has to hold up all of that water above the other waters, right? Take a sneak peek at day three. There we see that God creates dry land (on the inner sphere), and puts boundaries between the land and the water. This is similar to creating the expanse between the waters.

Once He does that, now He calls it good. So, it appears that the current work wasn’t enough to finish what He wanted to accomplish.

Boy, have there been debates about this over the ages. People have openly wondered how something could be difficult for God. In fact, a few early Christians scholars said the six days of creation couldn’t have been six calendar days, because that means God is limited.

Whoa, Nelly! Those scholars didn’t understand a basic fact about God: He IS limited! BUT, those limits are established by Himself. For example, God “can’t” sin, right? But, that means there is something God cannot do, so He is not all-powerful. He cannot sin because it’s not in His nature.

In the same way, I believe God limited His creative ability. He doesn’t explain why, but that’s not unusual, either.

So, second day is complete, but the creation of Earth is merely paused.

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