Those “Boring” Closings

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The first post in this devotional series covering the book of Philippians is Devoted to Philippians.

Greet every saint in Christ Jesus. The brethren who are with me greet you. All the saints greet you, especially those of Caesar’s household. (Philippians 4:21-22)

I started this survey of Philippians with a post titled Those Boring Openings. While there is still one more post to go in this series, I thought it appropriate to name this one similarly.

But, the closing really shouldn’t be boring. These are real people he was addressing. Friends and fellow-workers in the Kingdom of God. They were hundreds of miles separated, but still one in spirit.

So, extending a greeting is simply natural. Have we ever called a friend? Someone we haven’t seen in a while? They didn’t have phones, but that’s what Paul is doing here.

When I leave someone, I try to always say “see you later!” And, I really mean it, because I hope to see them in heaven one day. Yet, always using the same parting comment might seem boring, too. But I don’t consider it so.

Do you have a greeting or parting phrase you use? Paul did. Let’s not think of it as boring. Instead, remember that there were real people who would read it. And that Paul was a real person writing it. Friends. Fellow-workers in the Kingdom of God!

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