First Coming Prophecies

There are many prophecies in the Old Testament regarding the first coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. I’ve heard estimates as high as three hundred such prophecies, although I think the real number is quite a few less than that. Whatever the number, I intend to find all of them and report them in this series of posts.

Hopefully you’ll have as much fun reading about these prophecies as I’m having finding them!

OK, on my road to understanding everything that can be understood about the end times, I’ve run into a tangent. But, if the author I’m reading is right, the subject of “mysteries” in the New Testament will go an awfully long way towards understanding escatology in general.

So, today (5/16/20) I’m starting an independent study on the word “mystery” in the New Testament. I intend to learn all there is to know about this word and its meaning in the New Testament. You can follow my trials and tribulations at Mysteries.

NOTE: For a lot of these prophecies, there’s a fair amount of jumping around in the Bible that must be done to understand them correctly. For these kinds of jumps, I’ll link to the other pages that cover this information.


For much of the material I’m presenting I am using a book called Ha-Mashiach by Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum, Th.M., Ph.D. While I’ll also be checking other sources, this is a very good book. If you’re interested in this subject, I highly recommend Dr. Fruchtenbaum’s book:

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