Determine a Location

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The first thing to do when contemplating a garden (any kind) is to determine where is it going to go. There are several decisions to make in this process.

The most important consideration is sunlight. The bed should be located where there is a lot of sunlight. Try to avoid places where shadows from buildings or trees will cover the garden part of the day. Ideally, no shadows should hit the garden, but crops can be chosen that don’t need full sun if that’s impractical.

Another important consideration is how many beds you will be building. This is anticipatory: choose your location where you can expand even if you plan on only building one bed. You might change your mind.

At this time we’re only roughing out the location. With raised beds, we never walk on the bed soil itself, so there needs to be clearance on all sides in order to work the garden. Give yourself about three extra feet around the perimeter of the beds. Finally, add three more feet for paths between the beds (one 3′ path less than the number of beds).

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