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Job the Book and My Book

Here I’ve collected my posts about:

The Bible’s Job has become one of my favorite books in the Bible. I suppose that’s partly because it’s the book I’ve read through the most times. Or, maybe I’ve read through it many times because it’s my favorite. (I’m not sure which.)

If you haven’t read Job yet, I recommend it. But, it’s not a straightforward book to read. Most readers won’t even like it until their second time through. That’s because one has to read the last chapter in order to get the full meaning of the book.

So, I recommend reading it not once, but twice. About this time, you’re probably thinking I’m a sadist, because the book seems repetitive in the middle (chapters 3-31).

But, it’s not. It’s a debate, and yes, the debaters repeat themselves a lot. But, there’s more to it than that.

So, I wrote my book to help with this. I’m calling it a read-along. It’s not a commentary. Nor is it a rewrite. No, it’s just to help understand the book by asking and answering questions that might not be obvious to readers. (They weren’t obvious to me!)

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