Book is Getting Close …

My book God … Is GOD: JOB is getting close to electronic publication. I created a copy for Mary’s Kindle and read it there. A lot of the front matter (those pages with roman-numerals you see in the front of books) was missing, but I was able to read it cover-to-cover. Or, would that be, cover-to-last-page?

Anyhow, I only found two dozen issues that needed editing. Those have been fixed, and I have most of the front matter done as well. I want to finish the front matter, even though front matter is quite different for electronic books. Most front matter is moved to the back of electronic books, so customers can see the actual text in the 20% that the retailer (Amazon, in this case) allows to be viewed without purchasing.

I’ll probably do another dry run to make sure I didn’t mess anything up. Then, I’ll put it up for sale on Amazon for Kindle use.

Even though it’s only going to be available for Kindle right away, that doesn’t preclude non-Kindle owners from using it. Amazon has a free Kindle reader available for PCs (and probably other platforms).

Expect to see a new page (here on my blog) in the near future with purchasing information. I’m pricing it at $4.99. (Amazon limits pricing for my plan to between $2.99 and $9.99. Five bucks seems like a good compromise.

I’m also toying with an editing bounty1. Details are still swimming in my head, but I’ll probably offer a dollar to people who find some set number of issues. Issues can be typos, errors of fact, incorrect translation or text use, etc. If you have ideas for this bounty, please let me know.

  1. This post is not yet published. It should be available in a few days.

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