Job and Abuse

One of the big messages in the book of Job is the subtitle of my book, Don’t Blame the Victim. The main title, God … Is GOD is primarily aimed at Job. His faith had to be fine-tuned by God to fully understand that God is sovereign.

The message that we shouldn’t automatically blame victims. It’s bad enough to blame victims, but doing so automatically or without really thinking about it is even worse.

And, that brings me to the subject of this post: abuse victims blaming themselves for what happened to them.

A good definition of abuse I use is “sinful use of power” or “sinful use of power in a relationship”. The key is that it was sinful. Nobody can be blamed for someone else’s sin.

Now, it is known that abuse victims have a strong tendency to blame themselves for what the perpetrator did to them. And, it’s one of the hardest things for victims to come to grips with.

The message Don’t Blame the Victim applies equally to victims themselves: it wasn’t your fault! Please do NOT blame yourselves for someone else’s sin.

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