MY Fault?

Have any of you experienced a major problem in your life, and then had a Christian hint that it was your own fault? If so, I would like to hear from you.

One of the two main messages in the Bible’s book of Job is the subtitle for my book: God … is GOD; Don’t Blame the Victim! Specifically, the three friends responded very poorly to Job’s conditions, essentially telling him it was caused by some terrible sin in his life. Job protests that he is not aware of any possibilities, but his friends insisted.

They could not have been more wrong. Yes, God has punished and does punish people for sins committed, and some sins come with naturally bad consequences. However, MOST of the calamities that occur are a result of sin in general, not specific sins of the victim. Nobody should EVER assume that a calamity was caused by personal sin. (The key word in that sentence is “assume”.)

The reason I’m asking for statements is because I want to learn how this idea (blaming calamities on the victims) has affected real people. Of course, I will only use such testimonials if given permission, so no worries about ending up on the back cover to my book without your OK.

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