Author Equals Riches?

Ever since I started posting about writing a book, the ads on Facebook have shifted towards that subject. That’s not surprising.

But, some of them are just get-rich-quick schemes. The latest is “$10,000 in 90 days”.

Folks, writing a book is unlikely to even make a profit, let alone make one rich. If anybody is thinking that way, it would be a good idea to deep six that idea.

I wrote my book because I saw a message in Job that wasn’t being told in the Church. (Two messages, actually.)

I (fortunately) ran across some cooler heads early on in the process. I want to be a writer, yes. But, not to get rich. I want to be able to work hard, and get paid at least something for it.

So, I’m honing my craft. I want to become the best writer I can possibly be. My book was trash for years, and I didn’t even know it. Now it’s probably still trash, but ….

No, seriously, I tried to learn how to write well. I read books and articles on the subject. I went to conferences. I joined a local writer’s club. I HOPE that that effort bore fruit in this book.

HOWEVER, I have no illusions about it. Every author I’ve ever talked to about it has said their first book really wasn’t very well written. That’s good, I think. They’re growing and honing their craft, too.

If you are an aspiring writer, please don’t do it for the money. ESPECIALLY if it’s a Christian message. We should do everything we do as if we were doing it for the King of Kings. THAT is our goal, and it doesn’t matter if we write or do roofing.

Glorify God first. That’s my goal, and, I’m sticking to it. 🙂

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