Blogging Nightmare: Spam

Sometimes I have to wonder about blogging.

Spam is a way of life for bloggers. There are millions of robot programs out there, constantly barraging every blog site they can find with garbage posts.

To be honest, I’m not sure why they even bother. No blog maintainer will ever approve posts that make no sense, especially when they’re clearly written by a translator program.

Of course, for people who don’t monitor incoming comments, these words of wisdom, written by computers, wind up getting posted. Then, I’m sure unsuspecting readers will click their links (they always include links). I suppose then they get a thousandth of a penny from Google, Yahoo, or whatever company they’re abusing, for advertisements.

I try to keep them at bay. But, I discovered something in the last week or so. They’re targeting subjects. For the last week or so, I’ve been cleaning up my blog posts about dieting. Before then, I would get maybe 5-10 spams every week. But, since I started working on my dieting posts, I’m getting 5-10 every day.

This is why I have to hold comments until I can verify the commentor via email. I send an email to everybody who comments or subscribes to this site. If I don’t receive a reply within a few days, I just trash the request.

So, if you write a comment, it won’t show up right away. It waits until you respond to my email. Now, if you have already commented, I know you (for this purpose), so they get displayed more quickly.

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