Church History Book

There’s one book on church history that, in my opinion, stands out from the pack: Church History in Plain Language, by Bruce L. Shelley.

Now, in another post I sang the praises of Gary Thomas’s book Sacred Pathways. I went so far as to say I think every christian should read it. I won’t go that far with that book, lest my recommendations lose value. No, Shelley’s book is an excellent read for laymen and women. But, it’s not quite a must read. (It is for me, because I love history. But, my gentle readers aren’t all me.)

If, however, you have a heart to learn more about the history of the Church, this would be a good purchase, in my opinion. I taught a class with it once, although I didn’t make people buy and read it. Why not? Because it’s over five hundred pages.

But, if the number of pages doesn’t scare you away, I recommend buying it. I actually wore out my copy, and I’m buying another one.

Now, in the links below, I’m using the CD version of the book. I’ve never bought a CD book before, so I’m not sure what to expect. I included links to the paper and Kindle versions, though, so people have options.

Also, see my post about listening to this book from CD. I love it!

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