I’m a creationist. More specifically, I’m a young-earth creationist (YECist). That title isn’t fully accurate, but it’s very well known, so I use it for myself.

I have two major reasons for being a YECist:

God’s Word

I completely trust God’s written word as accurate and authoritative. There are no mistakes in the originals (which we don’t have, but we can deduce their contents from what we do have). In other words, what it says happened, happened.

Now, things get a little dicey here. God didn’t set out to write a science textbook. Gracious, science textbooks are always going out of date; I’m glad He didn’t!

No, God wrote a combination of a history book, an instruction manual, and revelatory book. It is deliberately written to not reveal everything to us, because God wants us to study it, not just store a big, impressive copy on our coffee table. We can deduce things from it. Those things, however, are a product of our logic and the Bible. Thus, they can never be taken with the same authority as Scripture itself.


It may surprise people, but I hold that science overwhelmingly favors the YEC model of origins. Surprising, because most scientists do not accept it.

The problem isn’t science. It’s preconceptions. When viewed through “glasses” that are filtered with “God wasn’t involved”, then evidence points one way. When viewed with a Scriptural understanding, then the evidence points another way.

Why? I’m glad you asked. It’s because the evidence, by itself, NEVER says anything. It must always be interpreted. Always. There are no exceptions.

Because I believe God’s word is accurate and authoritative, I view the evidence through that lens. A rock doesn’t come with a label that says “10 million years”. It must be dated, and any dating method comes with built-in assumptions. More on this later, but I believe I see the evidence with valid assumptions, and mainstream science uses invalid assumptions.


There’s a lot more to be said on this subject. But, this is intended as an introductory page to my creation writings. I’ll post a lot more on this subject, eventually. But, I don’t want people to be deceived into thinking one thing when I’m writing from another perspective entirely.

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