My main goal for this blog is to glorify God. Nothing should rank higher in any facet of my life, so I think it fits.

However, God has given me a few skills and talents outside of the Bible, so some of the posts here won’t be directly focused on God or His Word. For example, I’ve been a computer geek for decades, so I’ll occasionally share my knowledge in that field.

But, for the most part, this blog focuses on my books1. I have one drafted and getting ready to be published. It’s about the Book of Job in the Bible. The working title is God … is GOD: Job (subtitled Don’t Blame the Victim).

I’m working on another book as well, about Creation. If God … is GOD: Job manages to squeak out a profit, the book about Creation will be called God … is  GOD: Creation. This book will include what I learn from studying Creation and and other events from Genesis 1-11. I have yet to find a major doctrine of biblical/orthodox Christianity that doesn’t find it’s foundation (at least indirectly) in Genesis.

Finally, my blog is a way for me to refine my thinking and writing skills. At 60, I’ve lost a step or two. (Some would say 30 or 40 steps.) By focusing on learning and writing well, I hope to stave off the inevitable loss of mental acuity. At least, hold it off as long as possible. (So, please comment profusely! It was hard enough to write well when I was younger; I’m certain to make even more mistakes now. :))

I’m always thinking and learning, so no doubt I will add to these goals. “You know what they say: ‘A rotating cog amasses no sporophyte.'”2

  1. Which I certainly hope glorify God!
  2. I’m also an avid computer gamer, and Guild Wars 2 is one of the games I play. This quote is from some background conversion in one of the cities, and basically means “a wheel that’s moving gathers no moss”.

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