I Thought I WAS a Christian

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I Thought I WAS a Christian

But, there was an emptiness in my life. I had no purpose. Yeah, I was good at math, so it was obvious that engineering was a good path, but that’s it. I gave no thought to anything beyond school and partying. I was having fun, but I knew there had to be more.

About this time, I started reading a campus newspaper called The Student. It was put out by some Christians in Iowa. It had interesting articles about lots of subject, but all from a biblical perspective. Clearly, these people had a better experience with their religion than I did.

But, I especially remember the back page. On the back page (it was a mere four pages total), there were usually three or four stories about how people’s lives had changed after they “accepted Jesus” into their lives. I had no idea what they meant, but it sure was different from the religion I left a decade earlier. I was intrigued.

For there was one huge point of interest for me: many of them had lives just like mine. Living from party to party, with no real purpose. I wanted what they had.

There was a problem: I had no idea how. While I later learned that the same newspaper had plenty of help at figuring it out, somehow I just couldn’t see it.

Still, I sort of believed God was out there. So, one mid-week afternoon, after reading the latest copy of The Student, I prayed for the first time in a long time. I said “God, if you’re really out there, send someone to me to show me the way.”

About five hours later, some guys in the dorm were doing what I later learned was called “door-to-door evangelism”. Gary and Dan were two guys who were living the life that I had seen and longed for in The Student. I knew immediately that they must be guys that God had sent.

They explained stuff I already knew: we’re all sinners. Because we sinned, we couldn’t get into heaven. Locked out. And, I even knew that Jesus came and died to “pay for” my sin. But, it was never real to me.

Then, Gary said something that blew my mind away: “Each of us needs to take hold of the gift of Jesus’s death as paying for OUR sins.” I had never heard that before. And, I knew it was correct somehow. So it was October 13, 1976 when Gary asked me if I wanted to accept Jesus as MY savior. I said yes, and I’ve never looked back.

I wish I could say my life changed instantly. It did, but, not in ways that would be obvious. I did start reading my Bible and praying, but I was still drinking pretty heavily. I memorized verses of the Bible, but at the same time only looked forward to the next party.

I knew somehow that it wasn’t right, but it would take another six months for God to “explain it to me”. But that’s a tale for another day.

One big thing DID change that day, and that was my love for the Bible started growing. It would take over forty years, but I grew quite knowledgeable about the Bible. I even taught Sunday school classes. It’s most important attribute became clear: I needed to LIVE it, not just study it.

That’s my passion. That purposeless kid in the dorms, living from party to party, has grown a purpose. I want to help people understand the Bible for themselves.

And THAT is why I created this site. It’s purpose is to help people see that God … is GOD! And, to live with that fact in mind.

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