This post regards my gentle readers. Unfortunately, with spam and some attitudes on the Internet, it’s likely to be that some of my readers aren’t going to be gentle.

Because Creation is one of the issues discussed in this blog, there is a significant potential for disagreements. To keep the tone down, I unfortunately have to make rules.

NOTE: For users who register (subscribe), I will probably use your email addresses to communicate. One thing I anticipate is to offer subscribers the opportunity to check for errors in my writings, or other book and site stuff. But, I’ll always use blind-copy for these. Also, I will allow anybody to opt out of these emails. Just reply.

Here is the (incomplete) list of rules:

  • Write as if you were face-to-face with the other people.
  • Be civil. I expect and even welcome disagreement. But, keep the tone down.
  • I would prefer you use your real name Please use a fake name or handle (unless you don’t care about privacy), but use a real email address when you comment or subscribe. The name will be displayed, but the email address will not. I test every comment and subscription attempt with the email given. If the address doesn’t exist, it’s treated as spam.
  • I reserve the right to send you emails. For examples, I may do this to confirm your identity or perform some other maintenance task. My reserving the right isn’t limited to that. However, I do promise not to abuse this.
  • I will always (at least once) send an email to people who subscribe or comment. This is because spam is a major problem for blog sites.
  • I will never sell or otherwise misuse your email address. I also promise that if I ever change this bullet point promise, I will inform everybody who gave me their email address, giving them an option to opt out.
  • Don’t swear. Cuss words do nothing to help others’ perceptions of ones intelligence. And, they lead to breakdowns in communication. Stay away from them.
  • Don’t post links. They’ll be removed when moderated. When moderating, I don’t want to have to check out sites readers might post.
  • Especially, don’t post two or more links. Two links will mean the comment gets put out in left field, because that’s what spammers do (lots of links; for this purpose, “lots” equals two.) My internet service provider will likely block the post before I even see it.
  • If you really want to post a link, and you think it’s very important to the discussion, post it as something like “XYZOrganization DOT com”, so people can figure it out without actually going there.
  • Threats, against me, this site, other commenters, authors, etc., will be reported to law enforcement where appropriate.
  • This is not a political blog. Don’t post that you hate the president or a political group, or anybody for that matter. I don’t care whether I agree with your political leanings or not; I just don’t want political debate to occur here.
  • Do not try to expose the identity of any other people. My identity is real, but my readers and commenters probably won’t like their ID being spread around. And, I won’t be impressed by my name being misused. (But, with a name like Gersetich, you can imagine it has already been abused quite a bit; so, I’m used to it.) However, I won’t subject any other person to that.
  • Do not create a user account unless you intend to post. I may clean out user accounts for people that never posted, since they’re probably spam.
  • Don’t try to be clever and bypass any of these rules by subterfuge. For example, a cuss word written as the first and last letter with dashes between counts as subterfuge. This isn’t a game. Use a random string of ONLY punctuation marks if you have to (for example, if you are quoting someone). “I hate this $%^& job” would be an acceptable example. If I can figure out what word you wanted to use, it’s gone.
  • If you subscribe or comment, and your chosen user name does not have any meaning to humans, I won’t even bother trying to confirm that you are human. You get to choose your user name. Make sure it looks like words or names. It can have “random” characters, but some part of it must make sense. A string of twelve random characters is going to get removed almost instantly.
  • If your comment is just a generic “great job” comment, it’s very likely I will just not approve it, since it’s likely spam. (Spammers post glowing comments, I presume to catch the unwary.) Include something in your comment that references the page you are commenting on, or another page that you can’t find, or something like that. This will keep it from getting auto-deleted.
  • More rules expected over time.

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