Who Am I?

I’m Jim Gersetich, and this site is my blog.

I grew up in a churchgoing family, but I didn’t really like church much. I feel sorry for my mom; she had to fight with me to go, and almost drag me up the hill to church. And, then she had to keep up after church, when I ran ahead of her. That couldn’t have been fun.

Eventually, my parent bought a cabin outside town, and we spent our weekends there. I was overjoyed at the freedom the lake and woods gave me. And, no church; we were too far away for it to be practical.

As I grew up, I must have seemed like a monster of the Jeckl & Hyde variety. I did well in school, but I had a serious problem with shall we call it, entertainment. Get this: I QUIT smoking at age 14. I had been smoking since I was 12. In the 60s and 70s, that was still a little out in left field.

Drinking started to be a problem by the time I was in my mid-teens. I really liked beer, and I looked old enough to buy it pretty much anywhere. It was a lot of fun.

Above, I mentioned I quit smoking. I should clarify: I quit smoking tobacco. Around 15 I discovered marijuana, and became a heavy user by about age 16. Lucky for me, a friend named Luann asked me a question: “Why do you smoke that stuff?” She doesn’t know it, but I quit smoking dope that very day. If you’re reading, Luann, THANK YOU! I couldn’t come up with an answer. And, to a logical guy, if there’s not a good answer to a question, well, for me it led to quitting dope.

The reason I thank her is it cleared up my mind a bit. I still drank like a fish, and played pool for money to pay for it all, but I could see fairly clearly that I really didn’t like who I was becoming.

I graduated and went to the University of Minnesota. This was an epic time for me. Finally, I would have freedom from my parents, and I could party as much as I wanted.

And, I did. I spent more time drinking in a month than I had spent the whole previous year, with my old weekends-only partying.

What fun! But ….

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