Raised Beds Jim’s Way

I’m collecting my thoughts on how I built Mary’s raised bed gardens in our yard. Right now there are no pictures, because this is VERY preliminary. I’ve been building and using raised beds for a quarter-century, so this includes many things we learned the hard way.

This may turn into a book someday, so please feel free to comment profusely. I’m especially interested in your thoughts about where pictures or diagrams are needed. Also, where are the instructions unclear (in any way)? And naturally, please let me know about typos and grammar gotchas. You can add comments on any page, but you will have to register first.

There are many reasons for building raised bed gardens. They help keep the soil in good condition for gardening. The provide structure in which to work our gardens. The beds I am describing provide good capacity for trellises, tunnels, and fencing. For more details, go to WHY Raised Beds.





Interested? Live in the NW quadrant of the Twin Cities? If so, I’m taking a limited number of volunteers to help build the beds. Details are on the Volunteer page.

  1. The publication dates of these pages have been changed so the dates are in the order of this outline. Actual publication dates vary.

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